By going paperless, many of today’s workplaces can save both time and money while using a minimum amount of physical paper as they transition primarily to digital solutions such as mobile forms and paperless invoicing methods.Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons that your company should use mobile forms in 2020. Let's get started...


Why You Should Go Paperless

Better Document Organisation

It can be a challenge to locate and disseminate specific information if your business still relies on paper. Better document organisation significantly reduces the time needed to do certain tasks. Electronic copies of regular documents, contracts, invoices and receipts make sorting, filing and retrieval much more efficient and cost-effective.


More Efficient Communication With Clients

With mobile forms from Culverdocs, it’s faster and more efficient to deliver relevant details to clients. These days, people already have immediate access to email through mobile devices or personal computers. Clients will also appreciate that less paper litters their office and home.


Automatic Backups

If you throw out or shred an important document accidentally, it may be gone forever. Paperless workplaces implement automatic data backup which means that any scanned or digitised documents could be automatically duplicated and stored in alternate locations, such as the cloud or local servers.


Data Security

It’s easy for data thieves to use their smartphones to capture photos of important documents. The common method to deter this is by using paper shredders or locked filing cabinets. However, it is more convenient for business to use mobile forms and store encrypted documents in safe locations. Role based permissions restrict users to the data they should see and can keep your business compliant.



In most cases, the paper-making industry already gets wood pulp from sustainable tree plantation. However, the process of cutting trees, transporting logs and making paper releases vast amounts of carbon. By reducing our dependence on paper, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. Small businesses no longer need to use copiers, faxes and printers as often, which reduce their energy utilisations.

Even more so, Culverdocs' (Trees for Life) grove plants a tree for every tree a customer saves by converting to their mobile forms. So, the environmental benefits resonate way beyond your own business.


Save Money

Many small to medium and enterprise level businesses have limited budgets and paper can cost them a lot of money. A 2-terabyte hard drive could store around 150 million pages of documents. Prices of hard drives and SSDs are going down, so they are cheaper than buying thousands of reams of paper each year for your business. Moreover, the time efficiencies gained by going paperless can have a significant financial benefit for your business. A 2.95 FTE saving has seen a great return on investment for bespoke Cleaning Services (read more on Bespoke's success story) since converting to mobile data collection.


FTE Savings



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And that only begins to cover why going paperless is a must within the workplace...

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